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Oriental Negros is a great pioneer in quality education in the Philippines as it lay host the foundings of this great institutions that pioneered education excellence in the province and the entire country.


Silliman University (1901)

The first American investment when they arrived in Dumaguete City was a private school called Silliman Institute (now Silliman University).

Centers of Excellence/Development in Biodiversity Conservation, Nursing, Education, Coastal Resources Management, Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Marine Sciences, Business & Management Education and Biology.

National Artist for Literature Dr. Edith Tiempo - a graduate of Silliman, started the oldest Creative Writing Program in Asia, producing a majority of PEN and Palanca Awardees.

It is the only university that owns its fiber optic system; it is one of only two academic institutions in the Philippines that have extensive fiber optic backbones.Costing US $2.5 million in 1997, the fiber optic backbone connects all colleges and buildings in the University.

First school in the Philippines to deploy wireless Wi-Fi B2B LAN technology on its campus; WIFI and Fiber Optics are the main media used for data communication within the University

St. Paul University (1904)

First St. Paul school in the Philippines was established in Dumaguete City (At present, there are 42 schools and 23 hospitals managed by the St. Paul of Chartres sisters all over the country)

St. Paul University Dumaguete is the first ISO 9000 certified school in the Philippines.

Negros Oriental State University (1907)

The Beginnings of what is now the Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) date back to 1907, from a single woodworking class at what was then the Negros Oriental Provincial School, the forerunner of the present Negros Oriental High School. As more industrial arts subjects were added, a separate arts and trade school on the secondary level called the Negros Oriental Trade School was established 1927.

This was the provincial trade school which became East Visayan School of Arts and Trade in 1956 and the Central Visayas Polytechnic College in 1983. In June 25, 2004, became Negros Oriental State University.

The newest State University in the country and a pioneer internet service provider in Oriental Negros. NORSU is the gateway for province-wide One Government Network and has the biggest student population in Oriental Negros

Foundation University (1947)

First non-profit, non-stock college in the Philippines was established in Dumaguete City named Foundation College (now Foundation University).

Operates a CISCO Networking Academy consistently having 100% certification rate.IT Center open 24/7 so students can work, do research, browse, chat, have lessons, or even play online games

Its Computer Science program focuses on working with open source programming.IT is applied to all disciplines. It also hosts several student-designed and built websites for local NGOs, including the website for the Oriental Negros Innovation Awards, a pioneering business plan competition aimed at generating more new businesses in the province.

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